• Crawlspace Moisture Problems

    It’s difficult to overstate the problems associated with crawlspace moisture. At the very least, you’ve got water under your house. No one likes that. If you try to sell your house, and the property inspector points this out (and he or she certainly will), your buyer will be so disturbed that they w

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  • Crawlspace venting or not

    A Healthy Home Starts in the Crawlspace

    Homeowners often do not consider improving conditions in the crawlspace as an important step in an energy efficient home especially when mold or crawlspace deteriation creates an odor in your home that can only be resolved through crawlspace maintenance and r

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  • Water Problems in your crawlspace or basement

    1. Introduction

    Basement leakage is one of the most common problems found in houses. While structural damage caused by leakage is very rare, water in the basement can be a major inconvenience, and often causes damage to interior finishes and stored items. In addition, odors caused by mold, mildew,

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  • To VENT or not to VENT?

    Traditional Practice

    Building standards in 1958 stated that a crawl space should have four wall vents in the foundation. Vents were located at each corner of the crawl space. The four vents were required to have a combined venting area equaling 1/150 of the crawl space area. The bottoms of the vent

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